Fees for Bowen Therapy, Scar Tissue Release and Naturopathic Consultations as at 01 July 2021


Bowen Therapy Fees:


Initial consultation:  $80.00


Follow-up consultations:  $75.00

Pensioners, students and concession cards:


Initial & Follow-up:  10% discount

Home visit (restrictions apply):  $95.00  * New



Ages 3 - 12:  $60.00

Up to 2 years:  Free

* Children up to 2 years treated for free when a parent/guardian books and pays for a treatment.

Naturopathic Consultation Fees:

* Face-to-face and Zoom consultations available

Initial consultation (first time - 60 minutes):  $155.00

Follow-up consultation (30 minutes):  $75.00

Pensioners, students and concession cards:


Initial & Follow-up10% discount


McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR®): 


Up to 60 minutes treatment:  $75.00

Pensioners, students and concession cards:  10% discount

Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultation: * New


Initial consultation and complimentary bottle of essence:  $75.00

Follow-up consultation and complimentary bottle of essence:  $55.00

Details:  Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) are made from the flowering parts of various Australian native plants. They are a great way to provide clarity in one's life.  The benefits enabled by these essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable you to access the wisdom of your Higher Self.  They work by shifting negative emotions, negative thought patterns and beliefs and help unlock your full potential to bring about balance and harmony.  When emotional and mental imbalances or conditions are treated, the physical body ailment which is connected to specific emotions are also treated.  ABFE can be helpful with night terrors, anxiety, racing mind, mild depression, learning difficulties, fatigue, anger and grief, to name a few.  The flower essence you will receive after the consultation will be tailored to suit your individual needs based on the consultation.

Packages and Promotions:

Bowen Therapy Maintenance:  $70.00 * New

Details:  This is a great deal for those who have had Bowen Therapy before and would like to receive a regular monthly maintenance to keep the body in balance and to address any issues that may arise.

Conditions: To be eligible for the discounted session you just need to book in a regular monthly appointment for 12 months ahead.  If you miss or cancel your appointment for a calendar month, you will be charged at the standard rate at your next appointment.  You can reschedule your appointment as long as it is within the current calendar month.  If you need any additional appointments to treat acute conditions, it will be charged at the discounted rate ($70).

Bowen Therapy Couples:  $135.00 * New

Details:  Book in for a concurrent Bowen Therapy treatment with your partner and save.

Conditions: Both will receive a Bowen Therapy treatment within the same consultation time.

Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy Combo:  $435 * New

Details:  This is a great combination for treating specific conditions such as headaches and migraines, sleep disturbances, arthritis, stress, anxiety, mild depression, respiratory issues, premenstrual tension and perimenopausal symptoms.  The package includes three (3) Bowen Therapy treatments and two (2) naturopathic consultations - initial consultation and follow-up consultation.  Save $25 with this offer. Upfront payment is required.

Exclusions:  Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, flower essences, homeopathic remedies and pathology testing (if required) are not included in this package and are charged in addition.